System Update: Slowness when playing recent videos

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Hey folks,  

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) is experiencing very high traffic due to MIX10 session content. To resolve this, we will be blocking access to the MIX sessions temporarily while they copy all of the MIX sessions into various edge caches around the world.

The end result of this work will be to resolve all of the poor streaming/buffering issues that we’ve been seeing on all of our properties, including Channel 9, and others.


We expect access to be re-enabled later today, with a current estimate of 8pm Eastern Standard Time.

Thanks for your patience!

The Discussion

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    Looking forward to downloading and watching the MIX content. Have you guys thought about making the MIX video downloads available as Torrents?

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    i think if you mention 'torrent' on MS campus while holding an iPhone a van-load of lawyers in white labcoats will drive up, hustle you into the back, never to be heard from again.

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    No kidding eh?  I know if there were torrents to seed, I'd seed as much as I can.  With all those people downloading and seeding it would make the transfers go so much faster.


    I've watched almost all of day 1 and 2, awesome content.  My favorites are the Windows Phone, but I'm biased Smiley


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    While it's MIX10-focused, today's blog post shows what the bandwidth graph looked like earlier today:


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    @anywhere understandable regarding bittorrent in your post (Microsoft could run their own tracker).  Where I work YouTube was unblocked but they heavily throttle the bandwidth if it doesn't come from our corporate channel (due to the sheer size of the organization).


    Anyway, thanks for posting all the content to the edges, and thanks for posting all the sessions online.  You know this already, but you and @ritzy are still stars in my books Smiley

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    Had no problem both days, except at around 1pm CST Monday, when things died.  I think it was on my end, though, as it was back by the end of your lunch.


    - David

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    It is a little frustrating not being able to download the MIX10 content in high quality WMV format at the moment, on the other hand if unexpected levels of demand for the MIX media has brought the CDN to its knees then in many ways Microsoft must be very happy. It bodes incredibly well for the Windows Phone 7 launch and as a independent developer who plans to try and create content for that platform it makes me happy too!

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    Thanks for the update. How are you storing these things anyway? Moving to "cloud storage"?

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    Thanks for sharing the data, Mike.


    Great to see Erik's talk won the Bronze metal! Smiley Go Erik!!! And Crockford got Silver. Very cool.



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    peer2peer it self is not illigal as long as you're sharing legit data, so i dont see what the fuss is about Smiley blizzard has been using it for sharing patches for years.. valve also uses a form of peer 2 peer sharing to ship their data and both these guys serve out way more data than c9/mix does..


    as far as beeing blocked, well.. then you can fall back on the cdn Smiley valve/blizzard also have static servers, but they use peer2peer to offload. the nice thing is that the offloaded bandwidth scales right along with demand..


    still dont understand why channel9/mix isnt hosted in azure though Smiley


    also, high-wmv speed seems to be back to normal on c9, hopefully they'll be reanabled soon for mix as well. low-wmv for mix also works fine for me now, great work guys Smiley

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