The Future of Channel 9


Last week on this week on Channel 9 we announced a project that we’ll use to improve the user experience of Channel 9. This work along with improvements to our content strategy will enable us to bring Channels 8 and 10 content back into Channel 9.

We call this project Revolution 9 and when released it will consolidate Channels 8, 10 and Coding4Fun into Channel 9. The community aspects of Channel 8, will move into creating one place for students and Microsoft moving forward. TechNet Edge and Mix Online will stay exactly as they are, with no changes.

To find more information on why we’re making the changes on last week's This Week On Channel 9. It does a good job of walking through it in great detail. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll walk you through the experience and our progress towards launch.

Thanks again everyone who visits Channel 9 and our communities. We’re excited about what we have in store for the future and look forward to evolving Channel 9 together.


P.S. There is only one space after each period in this post.