Visual Studio Achievements API


You can access the Visual Studio Achievements via an API.

To get a list of all achievements as JSON, do an HTTP GET to the achievements page like this:

To get a list of a user's achievements, do an HTTP GET to the user's achievements page. For example, getting all my achievements looks as follows: Simply replace the karstenj with any user who has registered for achievements and you'll be good to go. Note that this will return a merged set of achievements the user has earned combined with the achievements a user has not earned yet, just like is shown in the UI.

To get a list of the user's achievements that only shows earned achievements, do an http GET to the user's achievements page passing the querystring raw=true.  For example, using my username of karstenj the url would look like this:

To get JSON-P, pass the additional querystring callback={callback_name}.

We've got a sample coming that shows how to use this API to add a widget to your blog, displaying the achievements you've earned. Check back soon!