Visual Studio Achievements in 60 seconds

Play Visual Studio Achievements in 60 seconds


We just released the Visual Studio Achievements extension, here's the 60 second recap with what you need to know about how it works. Want more information, check out the Visual Studio Toolbox episode

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The Discussion

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    That..was actually pretty awesome

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    Haha! Awesome! Big Smile

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    It's ON!  =)

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    DA BOMB!  Cool

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    I think this is a very cool Extension but i have got One problem:

    When I try to view the achievments, a infobox Pops Up and tells me that i either have no valid Installation of vs10 or my channel9 Account is Not Set Up properly.

    Anyone got an Idea how to fix that?

    EDIT: Without uninstalling VS10...

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    First Microsoft embraces JavaScript at the peril of C#/Silverlight. Now they're putting kiddy-toys in the IDE.
    Whats next?
    I'm for one, fed up with Microsofts pandering to Linux-Web-App-Geeks!

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    @DaGreek - wow lighten up! Who says you can't have a bit of fun whilst developingm I'm really glad they did this, it made me smile.

    Oh and I think you are the only one that thinks MS are pandering to Linux Web App Geeks... and if you hate MS development tools that much then use something else.

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    @DaGreek - Visual Studio Achievements was created by the C9 team, not the Visual Studio team. So no resources are being taken away from more important tasks.

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    @SpeckOps_: Hey SpeckOps_, the underscore in your name was causing an issue... but if you update to the latest version of the extension (using the 'Extension Manager' option under the Tools menu, then clicking in the 'Updates' area on the left side) and, once you are running version 1.1 or higher, go to 'Tools | Options', find Visual Studio Achievements in the tree view on the left side, click 'Change User' and you'll be asked to connect up to Channel 9 again... and then all will be well!

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    1) Нахуя сервелат?
    2) Нахуя он качается так медленно?
    3) Нахуя вы все еще не в биореакторе?

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     Zhora - let$ get it

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