Welcome to the all new Channel 9


Welcome to the all new Channel 9. This is the fifth major release of Channel 9 since our original launch back on April 6, 2004.

With this major release we focussed on top requests from you in the forums along telemetry data to guide our design. We've made it easier to find content through our browse section and did a dramatic redesign across the board for our popular Channel 9 Shows Area, the forums and learning.

Behind the scenes ait has been a complete rewrite of our code, a rebuild of the infrastructure and development methodology.

This fifth edition of Channel 9 is built using:

  • SparkView engine
  • jQuery
  • Silverlight 4
  • Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Azure Table Storage, and memcache
  • ECN for the Content Delivery Network (videos)

For a deeper dive into how we built the site, watch Mike Sampson and Charles Torre Go Deep on Rev 9.All of these code improvements have resulted in our page load times improving dramatically and a greater simplication of our server environment too.

With well over a year in planning, development and testing today is the day for us to make the change over to the new Channel 9. We have been humbled by your never ending support, feedback and enthusiasm for Channel 9.

If you have feedback where we can make this a better place for all of us, please leave your feedback over on our Connect Site. We're listening.

On behalf of the entire Channel 9 Team , welcome to Rev 9.
Jeff Sandquist



The Discussion

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    Why oh why?  Microsoft has made a major error in not supporting Verizon out of the gate.  We in VZ land have been desparately waiting for a decent MS smartphone.  This production avenue is a non-starter for Microsoft AND for Verizon.  You should hold off release until you can do so on VZW as well as other networks.

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    Did you mean to post this message in this post?

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    New Ch9 looks great :)

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    Mario Barron

    Congratulations !! , the new looks is great, is more clear and simply.

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    Congrats guys!  Site looks great!

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    Where is the WebSlice for Ch9?  Please bring it back!

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    Grats!  will have to see how it goes over the next few weeks / months.

    I hope this new version gives  us all the C9 we have been Looking for Smiley

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    new technoloy Big Smile

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    Very nice Smiley now the real life test will begin

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    i like the anonymous comments ;)

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    Looks awesome, nice work guys.

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    @leedrake: i guess its a business decision.  gsm is used more than cdma. 

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    congrats!!  nice design.

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    Congratulations !!!

    But why the Zune ver of video removed? I always used to download that, its size was lesser than 'Low Quality wmv' and used to play it on my Zune (not Zune HD) also without converting.

    Also I used to display the latest video from channel9 using /latest/player   but now its not there. WHat's the new way to display the latest channel9 videos. Can anyone please help?

    Congrats again for the nice design !

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    Awsome site. I check it every day.

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    Any thoughts on enforcing some kind of quality standards on the videos that are being posted. Channel 9 has some good quality videos and there are also some that are really not watchable either because of terrible quality video or audio. It's not only the older videos but some of the new ones produced at Microsoft and not inside the studio really look like videos that were produced with the kind of video camera that I could have bought ten years ago. Seems like whatever the quality of the video then it's just accepted by the channel 9 team !!

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    hamada omara

    Congratulation .. all in top evry time

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    new site run great (in ie9 as well)

    one question though, what happend to the tag cloud reduction? hopefully that is still in te works, its something that is really needed Smiley casing point:

    [-edit- hmm, posting links looks a bit funky]


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    Congratulations. Smiley

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    Thanks all for the warm welcome for the all new Channel 9 site. We appreciate all the support, make sure you vote on suggestions and feedback over on the connect site.

    Channel 9 has been a huge part of our lives for the last six years and we are humbled that so many of you make it a part of your day.

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    Great effort, but it still sucks! After five years this is the best you can do? You logo is so AWESOME! Why is your web design so sad?
    Look how well done this is http://tv.adobe.com/
    The attention to detail, the high quality video, the ability to maximize the video on the page.
    You can always call me a hater, but after five years this is it? At least videos by topic...

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    You broke the https://channel9.msdn.com/Media/Videos/feed/wmv/ feed!

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