//Build 2016 Reaction: Skype and the Mars Airplane

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Skype has a number of interesting features, and it appears that there has been a clean up of the various interfaces.  But let's face it, Skype is an awesome tool, but it is just dial tone.  In this case dial tone is a good thing, however, we need to look at the way you can use Skype in your project management applications.

I would like to see a Hackathon using Skype to do build two test vehicles that would fly or attempt to fly on the atmosphere of Mars.  One would be a fixed wing aircraft and the other a 'copter type of drone.  'Copter type of Drones do a better job with the kinds of terrain on Mars and lack of roads.  Fixed Wing Planes can fly in the atmosphere because we have aircraft that fly at 21,000 meters, which is similar to the ground level atmosphere on Mars.  'Copter types of drones can achieve multiple take off and landings, fixed wing aircraft likely has one take off and one landing.

So I discuss, podcast like, some ideas on how we can get started building a Mars Autonomous Flight Vehicle.  To do the management we need to use SmartSheet or MS Project (which has the same functionality really) with Skype integrated.

Leave comments below if you want to do the online Hackathon.





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