UWP and C++: Introduction to OOP

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In this UWP and C++ session, we will cover an introduction to OOP or Object Oriented Programming.  This material is useful if you renewing your relationship with VC++ or getting started.  In this series of 8 videos, we will cover VC++ lightly with respect to how using UWP has some additions to the C++ standard so that XAML and other tools can be easily used.

Why would you use UWP and C++ over UWP and C#?  Well given a choice in a start-up project I would choose C#, if I need to have a good looking UI both for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 IOT.  C# can also be used to build great looking ASP.NET sites as well.  Or one of the many flavors of javascript for the HTML, after all javascript is the assembly language of the Web.  However, to work directly with DirectX, reuse existing code from experiments and modeling, then C++ is still in the game. 




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