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In this video Sam Stokes begins a 8 part series on UWP and C++/CLI. 

This show discusses and demonstrates the VC++ with XAML in Visual Studio 2015, and begins the multi-part videos series with will cover the following subjects:

  • Part 1: C++ and CLI using the UWP approach
  • Part 1 Session 2: Compiling C, Standard C++ and C++/CLI on the command line
  • Part 2: Intro to Object Oriented Programming
  • Part 3: Using Functions
  • Part 4: Controlling object lifetimes
  • Part 5: Decision and loop statements
  • Part 6: More about classes and objects
  • Part 7: Controlling Object Lifetimes
  • Part 8: Inheritance
  • Appendix 1: Variables



C++, XAML, Visual C++



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