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Host Jonathan Rozenblit is always on the search for stories of Canadian developers who have either built new applications using Windows Azure services or have migrated existing applications to Windows Azure. Canada Does Windows Azure shares their stories.

This is the story of Connect2Fans.

Connect2Fans set its mission to create a platform which artists, athletes, entertainers, organizations and teams of all sizes can use to sell a variety of products directly to their fans. Using a PayPal account, any individual or small entertainment enterprise can enjoy the power of the Web to sell event tickets, CDs, MP3s, and other memorabilia directly to their fans. This direct-to-fan sales approach dramatically reduces the present day costs for both buyers and sellers. C2F only charges the seller a very modest fee for this transaction service. What the buyer sees is what the buyer pays; no more annoying add-ons.

Jason Lavigne is the Lead Software Architect for Connect2Fans and a co-founder of the company. He has been developing software on various technologies, including Microsoft, for over 25 years and most recently in the event ticketing segment of the entertainment industry.



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