A Closer Look at the Team Foundation Server Power Toys

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The Team Foundation Server Power Toys (TFPT) provide additional functionality for Team Foundation Server users and administrators. In this video we get a hands-on demonstration of some of the new additions to TFPT such as TreeDiff and Annotate from Erin Geaney, a developer on the Team System team.



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The Discussion

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    And I was woundering why  C9 home page looks beautiful today.
    Nice video.

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    What do you mean looks nice? the video is very informative, but i think they could have done a better job with the light, its way too dark and it was really hard to see.

    Just a little suggestion to the team,  next video, they should get light props in case of poor lighting in the room. other than that.

    keep up the good work channer 9

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    Yep - sorry for the poor lighting, I'll take the blame for that. I agree we probably need to find a portable lighting solution. Believe it or not we had the lights on all the way in Erin's office but in the end it was still a bit dark when we went back and reviewed the video...

    Glad you liked the information, though! I absolutely love all of the great power toys the team is releasing. Be sure to give your feedback to the Team System team about things you like or dislike about them. As Erin mentions, most of these power toys will find their way into the regular product releases eventually so this is your chance to let them know what you think.

    Brian Keller
    Technical Evangelist
    Visual Studio Team System
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    The download link is invalid. Do you have an updated link to download the power toys?

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    she's cute.
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    No dowload link

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    A cute woman talking about power toys, very nice Wink

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