A Conversation with Bjarne Stroustrup, Carl Hewitt, and Dave Ungar

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The Discussion

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    cool post, glad i found it in such a timely manner.  cant wait to get my 100 core intel for christmas :P

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    My solution to 1000 cores is "automatic parallel computing" on parallect.codeplex.com.

    I use it for a couple of years and really enjoy it.

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    Very interesting talk. It was also entertaining as there was a bit of drama in there. Where disagreements where taken a bit personally at times.

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    Fabio Galuppo

    Great conversation!

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    This sounds like a great conversation - I'm ready to take lots of notes :)

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    @Fabio Galuppo:To my mind one of the larger problems is figuring out which exposed functions are supposed to be part of the interface and which were simply pulled in because the header file happened to #include a file to get access to a struct or something. In C++ this is especially bad, because a class's definition may have been inlined, so it would need access to things that otherwise would never go in the header. Of course, #include is transitive, because you have to preprocess everything in each included header. Sometimes the API is supposed to expose functions pulled in from other headers, and sometimes it isn't.

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    Andrey Popandopulo

    Bjarne's motivation is nice and very creative!

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