Advanced Windows Debugging: An Introduction with Mario Hewardt and Daniel Pravat

Play Advanced Windows Debugging: An Introduction with Mario Hewardt and Daniel Pravat

The Discussion

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    best awnser to any question ever:
    "apparently we are continuing the work we've started in the past" Big Smile man i gotta remember that one Smiley gonna awser that the next time my boss asks Smiley

    i definatly agree that there is a lot in windows debugging that is unknown to the masses [including me]. people only see the "send to microsoft" dialog and give up Smiley
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    Just like to say Thanks a lot for the book guys Smiley . Am yet to complete reading the books but really love all the info read so far. i especially like the samples provided, i am sure the samples really helped in getting a practical knowledge of all the things explained in the book.
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    Awesome interview.  Where did you get "The 5 Stages of Debugging"?  I'd love to get that and print it!
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    The book is excellent, currently PDC conference isn't allowing anyone to attend just the preconference (I am unable to attend the main conference).

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    Hy guys !
    Just a short question: is there any way to see the PDC conference because I could only find the slides only...

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