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Mary Jo Foley has spent two decades watching and reporting on everything Microsoft. We thought it would be fun to turn the tables on Mary and find out who she is and why she does what she does. We caught up with her at Lang.NET 2008. Special guest Don Box joins us for the first part of the interview. As always, he adds humor and energy to the conversation.




The Discussion

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    Great Mary Jo !!!

    i love your Blog Big Smile

    One question

    We can see you Book in other region? (Italy) ???

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    Kudos to Charles, it's *so* cool to watch Mary Jo on the other side of the camera Smiley

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    i dont mind microsoft sceptics or any other sceptic as long as they are fair and unbiased:) fair microsoft sceptics are too rare tho :/ as are apple and google sceptics..

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    Very interesting! I wasn't familiar with Mary or what she does before watching this interview.

    Sometimes I get surprised by how interesting some of these C9 interviews turn out to be, when the topic doesn't sound very interesting. Thanks!

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    I find it funny how Charles say "Alright Don, whats going on here?", kinda casual conversation. He goes silent for a second, and goes "Hey there, im Don Box", and then he goes all crazy.

    Such a shame he gets too used to the whole monolog thing, that he cant do the dialog Sad
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    Nice interview Smiley Finally seeing here in an interview is cool... *wondering if Long is going to reply here*
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    That was good, Mary Jo is often an informative source on Microsoft stuff, and it's interesting to see the unblinking eye turned around, so to speak.

    The stuff about her having no technical background and just teaching herself about technology was amazing... That gives me hope that I still have loads of options in the future even though being trained only in IT.
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    Next journalist: Paul Thurrot

    Questions for him:
    - Up until now, has Microsoft done a good job in your opinion?
    - What was the worst thing they did?
    - Do you think Microsoft will lose significant marketshare to other competitors in the near/far future (Apple/Linux)?
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    Very interesting talk...Wink
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    Nice to see and hear Mary Jo, after reading her posts for long time.
    Thanks Channel9.
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    All press should first be programmers and have worked in the biz for some years.  If they understood the heads down hard work and toil involved, they would understand there is not some big hidden agenda behind ever corner.  The simple agenda is getting products (that customer's want) out the door.

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