Announcing Windows 7 Developer Boot Camp at PDC09 (and it's free!)

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    I like to attend the free boot camp session too but I already signed up for other Pre-Conference session on that day...  I wish MS do this session as a Post-Conference session or post the webcast online in CH9 later...

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    I guess windows developers only live in america?

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    Well, it would be hard for us to simultaneously have these trainings all over the world. Smiley


    I will find out about the filming of these (so, you could just take part right here on Channel 9). Not sure yet regarding filming, so can't promise anything. Stay tuned.


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    Tim Sneath

    Hi stevo_! There are actually lots of other developer events going on around the world to coincide with the launch of Windows 7 - I don't know them all but if you go to your local MSDN site I'm pretty sure you'll find something. (Failing that, let me know.) We can't afford to have the full team deliver this training in every country - it was hard enough to assemble such a star lineup somewhere just two hours away from Redmond - but we are indeed recording this bootcamp for online distribution - stay tuned for later details. Still - if you can get to LA, you'll get the full experience: while it's good to watch a ballgame on TV, nothing beats the live experience Smiley


    Thanks for your post, Tim

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