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You've learned a lot about Rx (Reactive Extensions) on C9 over the years. You've seen Rx go from incubation stage to DevLabs project to having a happy home on the MSDN Data Developer Center.

Today, we're very pleased to announce that Rx is now officially official with the final V1 release! Smiley

Rx V1 will ship as a stable release with professionally-written technical documentation, developer samples and...ready? Product support!! Smiley

Since Rx is written and maintained by Erik Meijer's team you can imagine that there will continue to be innovation and experimentation at a quick pace. The Rx cutting edge will manifest itself as experimental releases. The real-world-developer-tested innovations in the experimental releases will most likely find their way into subsequent stable releases, which are the bits you'll want to build your event stream processing empire on top of. Smiley

The experimental releases will allow you to see and touch where the technology is heading, as well as help the team go in the right direction, as you have already done. Without developers using Rx in the real world and providing feedback to the Rx team, it is unlikely that Rx would be in the shape that it is today. Thank you!!

Here, I catch up with Rx developers  Wes Dyer and Bart De Smet to get more information (and to see if I can get Wes and Bart writing on the whiteboard at the same time). Tune in,

Congratulations to the Rx team!!


Download Rx V1:                  (or using NuGet)

Rx Documentation
    (conceptual) (reference)

Rx Workshop:

Rx Forum:




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The Discussion

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    Congrats !

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    What happened to IQbservable?

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    @vesuvius: Still there, in the System.Reactive.Providers assembly. On NuGet, use the Rx-Providers package.

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    What about Tasks for 2008?

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    yay Smiley :

    now if only we can convince anders to allow extension methods on events and all will be well Big Smile

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    Maddus Mattus


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    @wkempf: You can still get System.Threading.dll from old releases (prior to 1.0.10425) and use it, but keep in mind the bits are provided as-is with no support.

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    Hey, congrats to the Rx team. Big Smile  Glad to see this milestone reached.  Now it begins ...

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    Congrats with the release!

    Great to see a lot of content about Rx and I'm looking forward to try and use it. It's amazing to know just how little you see about the new programming concepts in the regular curriculum in schools. If C# is teached at a school (and thats a big if) it's still teached in the same way Java is , and compaired to java all the time. But the huge 'new' things like LINQ , Lamdas's , Nomads, co- and contravarience are missing. And if you have never heard of this new stuff people will keep writing algorithms and code the old way, when it might have been more easy to fix with LINQ for example.

    You are providing a lot of stuff to make programming easier and make a developper more productive. I know we still need to know the basics and logical flow, but we also need to learn to use the new stuff to show what is possible.

    Again, congrats on the release! Time to dive deep!

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    Congrats to all involved with Rx, a living proof project of the power of mathematics, theoretical computer science and practical software engineering used to simplify and advance software development!

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    Thanks for the docs on MSDN!

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    Charles, any news regarding new video lectures (about category theory) from Erik? :)


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    Charles, any news regarding new video lectures (about category theory) from Erik? Smiley


    Hi Zura,

    Erik is tremendously busy these days and all of his C9 stuff (there was much planned and still much planned) has been put on hold until he comes up for air. As you know, Erik is an engineer first and foremost and he and team are doing some challening/amazing work these days that requires all of Erik's time. I know he misses C9 and feels bad that he can't spend time with us, but he'll show up on C9 again later this summer or fall. As for the CT lecture series, we are unable to commit to a date for that.


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