Anoop Gupta and Dave Thomson: Unified Communications

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The Discussion

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    You talk about message unification but where is the unification in your own products? Office Communicator is a separate product from Outllok and as a result not used by many people. Office Communicator is only availabe to corporate volume licensors as well, which makes it difficult for the product to be on every desktop and thus be truely a unified platform like e-mail is today. Still instant maessaging i is not united with e-mail thanks a lot to your product separation such as Live Communications servver is a different product and not integrated with Exchange. If the two easy to integrate and unify electronic means of communication, instant messaging and e-mail are still separated in your product line then how do you plan to unify more communication technologies like the old telephone? Also, why is Windows Live Messenger, its contacts and instant messaging service, not well connected with Outlook? Why can't we have a single list of contacts everywhere? It seems that you are talking about unification but some of your latest moves have made unification more difficult.

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