Bill Gates: Answering Questions in India

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    if you need to do something with your money i'll help you spend it.  i'll do it - I'm not saying it's going to be easy, it's a tough job to spend that much kash, but i'll do it - because that's the kind of team player i am.  selfless& committed.  it's working with professionals such as myself that make this business such a worthwhile endeavor.


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    Pietje Bel
    I think Bill made a very good speach about the vast opportunities in India, but also about the transition they have to make from the simple copying of technology to innovation. Of course this has been a problem in Asia ever since their industrial revolution began. Toyota for example is the number 1 carmaker in the world and their cars are very reliable but not very innovative. Not in design and not in the used technology. I think the same will happen with software. Reliable and useful, but not innovative. Only through innovation though you can gain marketshare.

    Starting a business from the ground up however is not that easy. With money you can make money. A 1 million dollar trust fund helps a lot.Wink
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    There has to be a ground for innovation. There are many factors that are stopping for advanced research. India's still developing like everyone knows. In other terms it enetred world of competation because of IT power starting from 90's( i believe after 95-96). Infosys(Narayan Murthy),Wipro(Premji,TCS were the ones who demonstrated India's talent in interenational market starting from Bangalore City.

          Current political system needs to be favourable with  high population  problems India is facing. When you look from a Advanced countries point of view things look very stupid. Infrastructure needs to be made better and gaints like Microsoft, INtel, IBM,HP can help out in grouding such research.

        Is Bill doing something with this other than appointing people in MSDN India. Members should be someone who know the real problems at ground level and not to add beauty with smiles on stage. This sentence might sound irritating to members but this is the fact.

    "Bill Gates" if it happens that you see this !! Think about it. I am sure he doesnt have time. heeee


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    Well to be truthful, this is the first time I've seen Bill Gates on video.  For a person who's got lots of money and fame, he seems to be a down to earth kind of fellow, which is a pleasant surprise.

    Even making a simple slip up like referring to the Bible (I think he was referring to the dead sea scrolls) in a heavily dominated country with thousands of religions was cute.

    India has great potential and I wish them best.  The one thing Bill Gates did leave out in what would help India become a better place to do business as an entrepreneur is drop the caste system and treat everyone the same, but granted this wasn't his place to do it.

    It was also a good answer that he hasn't forgotten his roots in "trying" C# or other programs to keep his edge.  Too many CEO's forget where they came from.

    This puts Microsoft in a better light with all the negative publicity they have been taking about being a monolith.

    I hope Vista does well, otherwise I'm afraid Apple will rule the roost.


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    I have to agree with Arun, that for India to advance, her infrastructure has to be improved. 

    But I still thinks it depends on the mentality of the typical Indian.  Mentality meaning their outlook on life, the value of a person, and the value of life.

    For India to succeed, there needs to be a thriving middle class economy available also.  One thinks of India, they think abject poverty clashed against grotesque riches and wealth like some of  the shrines of gold to the 1,000+ gods.

    Where are the "joe indian" who drives a Buick or Chevrolet?  Either it's a moped or a Mercedes. 

    Once a healthy middle class exists, then you will see healthy development.

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    Hi all,
              I think Boss is doing a lot for the world being "The Richie Rich".

    We (Indians) must emphasise on doing the things on our own, The problem lies in the roots.

    20 years ago

    1. 70% of Indian Administration system, was filled up with officers from rural background.

    2. These officers became Existing Middle Class of India, while they didn't had a chance to look back and improve the things which were not present as facilities to them; they didn't even tried to improve the situations for the upcoming generation.

    3. Now, 60% India Lives in Villages, so this 60% was left behind, and that's what making us Lagging behind in the race.

    4. The current Middle Class, thinks about ( IT / Medicine / Architecture / Services) and that's it. Why should parents force the kids to go in IT just because it's full of money, i think parents of india need to think about what kids want, not what they want.

    Personally, there is no point in asking BOSS to invest money, or make plans, we ain't yet the leaders, this isn't enough, if it is why isn't Infy / Wipro making Sovereign Softwares for people of India (I mean a cheap OS, or a Cheap System (an actual cheap one, not the calculations of an MBA), Or Open Source Office Apps compliant with all standards).

    WE HAVE ENOUGH MONEY / WHY ISn't INFY / WIPRO / HCL / any big giant helps out students (The actual force, not 500 IITIANS), for project, for the dreams they possess, why ain't they instilling the zeal inside Indian generation to strive for Better in the IT Indutry.

    Hindi Mein "Jyada Bhashan Ho gaya"


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    Your comments are incongruent with facts.

    Toyota Motors is the strongest car manufacturer because of innovation.

    In fact, it is the newly free Eurasian states that have a higher hurdle to jump in true innovation.

    And that's what is exciting about these technologies.

    The innovation rate of Asia exceeds any other region on Earth, including the United States.

    The issue is not innovation.  The issue is the economics of growth, the protection of intellectual properties, and the respect for international trade.

    I'm pleased to see Gates leading a positive presence in Asia.

    These activities should help build collaboration and prevent conflict in the long-run.


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    Umakanth Nelige

    Well.. Gates should seriously think on the strategy of competence building for young ITians not specific to India .. but the entire world..

    Coming to the Innovative part of the Indians.. especially South Indians  are at their best in developping new algorithms.. thats the ground .. that persuaded Microsoft, Google and Yahoo to recruit the fresh ITians and establish their infrastructure at Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

    The Problem definition is that ..the Indian educational system in the village/mid size town  level, where the education is very far from the practical world is lagging behind , even thought they have enough IQ and Creativity.. so If not only Bill.. Its the time for the major Indian IT Jaints like TCS, Infy and WIPRO to invest some resouces on the students out there ..and let them explain what is mean by IT and what is the essence of it with respect to the personnel competece..

    All The Best to the future Indian IT Chaps ..!Cool

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