Bogdan Mihalcea: The New VC++ Project/Build system - MSBuild for C++

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Bogdan Mihalcea is a developer on the VC++ build and project system team. He and team have been very busy rewriting the VC++ build system in order to take advantage of MSBuild, which is Visual Studio's build system. MSBuild is completely transparent with regards to how it processes and builds software, enabling developers to orchestrate and build products in build lab environments where Visual Studio is not installed.

In the past, the capability to reason about the build process at very granular levels has been challenging for large C++ projects. With VS 2010, VC++ will ship with an updated project/build system that, like all other .NET languages that ship with VS have had since the advent of MSBuild, will take advantage of the power, flexibility and extensibility of Visual Studio's build system. Tune in. Bogdan explains what this all means and draws plenty of useful diagrams on the whiteboard to aid your understanding. This is very good news for C++ developer who wanting more control over the flow of the building process. Right on!

Here's a great blog post on some of the details:



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