Brad Wilson, Bill Patterson, Ben Riga: Dynamics CRM Platform

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I had the opportunity to chat with a bunch of folks involved with Dynamics CRM recently: Brad Wilson, General Manager for the Dynamics CRM team, Bill Patterson, Group Product Manager and Ben Riga, a colleague in Platform Evangelism focused exclusively on Dynamics. 

I was surprised with the richness of Dynamics CRM. Naturally, it’s useful for building apps that are CRM-like, but under the covers I see a real platform that can be used to build all sorts of applications. Some of the upcoming work on CRM codenamed “Titan” that Bill shows off really exemplifies the notion of a generalized CRM platform. 

To get started with the CRM platform have a look at: CRM 3.0 VPC with Visual studio pre-installed

Trial Versions are available here

Developer Docs
Bill’s blog
Ben’s blog


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The Discussion

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    Uhhh.... i love MS-CRM...

    I started using and developing for it 1 year ago. And every day it's fun to work with.

    I also gave some presentations "Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an development platform" on .NET User Group meetings and it was fun to see how "hardcore .NET ERP Developers" react on this. I hear a lot of them saying after the presentations "Damned... if i had this i could conentrate on the real business i have to do... and not to reinvent the wheel again and again...." 

    Can't wait to see what's going on with Titan.

    Keep up the good work !!!


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    Very sharp image for the size of the video.


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