Brian Beckman: On the General Theory of Channel 9 and Life in the Universe

Play Brian Beckman: On the General Theory of Channel 9 and Life in the Universe

The Discussion

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    C9 Rocks!
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    Any chance we get a little bit more of Brian? Would be nice to also chat a little bit more about astrophysics Smiley
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    This is the first time I had heard of the explanation for why we speculate there is dark matter.

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    Sven Groot
    Great video. Astrophysics is such a fascinating topic. Smiley

    I felt it would be relevant to post this:

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    Awesome, Sven Smiley

    Thank you for being such a great member of the community. And to all Niners: much love. Much love.

    Keep on posting,
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    Ahh, computer hobbyists. That was one of the major factors in me not chosing to study computer science and engineering. I did not want to turn a hobby into a career. Who knows if my chemical engineering degree will end up being applied to computers...
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    Happy birthday C9. Ain't nothing like it out there. Smiley
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    Happy Birthday C9! Smiley

    ( a bit of correction... the astrophoto site's url is not, but )

    Anyway, I really like the interview and I like that Brian talked about the isolation problem of Microsoft. I don't think it's only about geography. Frankly, I always thought that MS lives in a paralellel universe... just take a look at its technical terminology, PR, the way it handles the web etc. On the other hand I accept that it must be hard to operate such a large organization and keep it consistent and appealing to tens of millions of different customers. I think C9 is a great way to show the human side of the company. Good job, guys! Congratulations! Smiley

    By the way, a birthday is always a good ground to start speculating about the future. What do you think the IT world will look like in 5 years?
    (I'm sure only about these: Google will have indexed the books on my bookself and Windows 7 RC1 will be promised for the xmas season... just kidding... Smiley
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    So Newton thought gravity was pulling things down to earth.  Einstein said reverse.  That spacetime was pushing things into the earth which was gravity.  So if spacetime surrounds a planet and "pushes" on it as hard as a planet pushes back - then what gives spacetime its muscle and push?

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    I'm very curious about that secret project Brian is working on.

    Remembering the prior interviews I can think of some cues:
    Physics + Simulation + 3D + Functional Programming  = *?* (will Rock!)

    Happy Birthday Channel 9! Smiley

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