C9 Lectures: Donna Malayeri - F# 3.0 - Information Rich Programming, 1 of 1

Play C9 Lectures: Donna Malayeri - F# 3.0 - Information Rich Programming, 1 of 1

The Discussion

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    Petrogianna​kis Pantelis

    Cloud {...} has already a cloud implementation in M-Brace project(http://www.m-brace.net)!!!!

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    Yes, I should have said that the keyword name was inspired by M-Brace. Smiley  Our implementation would likely be very different, but I will be sure to mention M-Brace the next time I present!

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    Rodrigo Vidal

    Great presentation Donna, we need more of this kind! A talk with Erik Meijer or Bart De Smet and you would be amazing too!

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    Donna, you did a great job!  (Thank You)

    I would really like to see more on F#.  I've wondered about F# for a while and haven't had any good examples until now. (I could have bought a book but this video is worth more than 1000 words.)


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    WizardX wrote

    I would really like to see more on F#. 

    https://channel9.msdn.com/Tags/fsharp is your friend Smiley


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    Dr Lambda

    Any chance we can download the sample code with the Bing web service integration?


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    @Charles: I don't know how I missed those episodes.  Thank You!  I really appreciate it.

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    Loved it and am already using F# 3 in the VS 11 beta in an exciting project.

    Please do a video more about other F# 3 features if there's more interesting things to be said. Also spotted a lazy keyword but perhaps that's not 3.0. Still new to the lang.

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    Very good presentation with some nice demos that show the practical use of F#.  Much appreciated.  I had to stop with my jaw dropped to stare at the numbers showing median home value vs. per capita income.  It's absolutely mindboggling to me how disproportionate the home value/income ratio is.  6 to 10 times the annual income?  How can anyone afford that?  Sorry for going off topic, but I like the practical nature of actually being able to easily query such data to discover for yourself this kind of information.  It underscores the importance of being able to integrate data in just this way.  Smiley

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    I really like working with F#, but there are a few cosmetic things that annoy me. I understand this is because F# is based on CAML, but still:

    - Why do I need to define functions in order? This feels like an extremely trivial problem to solve for the compiler.

    - I want to pattern match in function definitions without redefining the function, like this:

    let add x Zero = x
    let add (Suc(x)) y = Suc(add x y)

    - Lambda abstraction is too verbose. Instead of "fun x y -> body", I want to use "\x y. body".

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    For anyone who just wants to see what the part about F# 3.0, you can skip the first 10 minutes.

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