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Back in April we gave you a taste of some of the interesting work going on in Dynamics CRM group. That was a pretty good high-level view. We wanted to fill in some of the details for developers so we asked the Dynamics CRM team into the studio to chat about some of the cool stuff coming in CRM 4.0 (a.k.a. “Titan”). We filmed 4 segments that go into various aspects of the developer experience.

In this segment, Phil Richardson (Senior Program Manager Lead) gives me a fast tour of the Web and Outlook UI. He also gives a nice overview of the Dynamics CRM platform including the ease with which a developer can customize a solution’s metadata (creating custom entities and attributes) as well as creating and customizing forms.

Check out Phil's blog.





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The Discussion

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    It looks like a link, but it isn't.

    Here is the link to Philip's CRM blog:
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    Thanks, MegaTrain. Link now looks like a link and acts like a link. So, it's a link.
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    Charles wrote:
    Thanks, MegaTrain. Link now looks like a link and acts like a link. So, it's a link.

    LOL! Big Smile
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    We are using MS CRM 3.0...

    We had to add one custom report (made in VS 2003 Business intelligence project).

    We have added via Reports --> New --> then Selected contract.Rdl (it was contract report) --> selected other relevant fields --> pressed Save and Closed.

    Now reports works fine on this server...when we asked other user to check this reports from their system..

    Surprisingly all the reports for other users stopped working...Whenever user clicks on report tab --we get MS error dialog saying --
    "An error has occurred. for more information, contact your system administrator.
    Try Again or Cancel"

    Can anybody help what's going on in CRM 3.0 over here?

    If anybody has got any solution...Please reply me at any help will be much appreciated.



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