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Have you gotten an Xbox 360 yet? You have probably gotten rated by the new Xbox Live rating system. Well, meet the two Microsoft Researchers who helped develop that system: Ralf Herbrich and Thore Graepel. We visted them last year in their offices in Cambridge, England and got a look at their work.

Of course the whole interview was held while the two of them played Halo.


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The Discussion

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    Why are you showing this video again?  We've already seen it.
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    Sorry about that. It was only shown as part of a longer Cambridge tour. I thought that had been pulled out. Yikes. We'll get something else new up shortly. Still a fun video, but if you saw the earlier Cambridge tour you've already seen this one.
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    good video, nice to see some vids from my side of the pond Big Smile
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    unfricknbelievable... Can you believe these guys. Genius developers playing Xbox 360 during the day and getting paid for it. Must be rough.

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