Channel 9 Emerges in China

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Today, in partnership with Microsoft China and CSDN, we launched Channel 9 in China. CSDN Channel 9 is a place where developers will learn about what Chinese developers are working on, thinking about, innovating and, of course, who they are – all in a language that requires no translation.


Today’s launch includes several videos of Chinese developers who do incredible work for Microsoft and Windows, specifically. When you think about reliability, stability, scalability and performance of Windows 7, for example, the people who are highlighted today on CSDN Channel 9 were instrumental in making Windows 7 a super high quality release. Some of these talented engineers are also working on some really hard technical problems at the lowest levels of the system..

About CSDN:

CSDN is a popular online developer community and information portal. CSDN’s aim is to represent all software development technologies in a single portal. From C++ to C#, from Linux to Windows, from Eclipse to Visual Studio, CSDN has it all.

Working with Microsoft China and CSDN, a member of the Channel 9 extended family, has been a fantastic experience for the Channel 9 team and we are very excited to see how this pilot evolves!

You should check it out even if you don't speak Mandarin Smiley If you do speak Mandarin, well, you will meet some really smart, passionate and creative people - all with stories to tell. 

Welcome to China, Channel 9!!!


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