Connected: Windows Vista Networking Overview

Play Connected: Windows Vista Networking Overview

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    very cool. I have been looking for this video for some time Smiley.

    Still watching it...Wink
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    Q: Detection of loss of connection. Is it improved? or do I still have to send the remote end point socket, a small packet to query if its still online and if it did not reply in say 1 min, then the client is lost?

    In XP, sometimes you have to query the socket for data, and if you get an exception with error:10054 (?), then the remote end point was lost (cable was unpluged and the connection was reset exception) and then you had to handle that in your try catch.

    How is it in Vista? Does the stack query remote socket to see if its till alive or not? even if the remote host has its cable unpluged (did not properly end connection)? Or same old same new again?

    Thanks for the video.
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    dalen looks constipated Smiley

    must of fired someone that morning

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    Where can we find the TCP Analyzer mentioned in the video?

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