Countdown to MIX09: Even in Trying Financial Times, You Can't Afford to Stay Home

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In 4 minutes, Mike Swanson explains the who, what, where, when, why, and how of MIX09; his English teacher would be proud! Learn about the “return” you get on your investment by attending the event in person. Mike talks about the major themes of the conference, who attends (including some of the cool companies), why MIX09 increases your effectiveness and makes you a superhero, and how we do it with keynotes, workshop, sessions, and networking opportunities. If you’re trying to convince your boss to let you go to MIX09 instead of that other guy down the hall, send her a link to this video.



The Discussion

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    What a bugger - just found out I can't attend this year.  Anyone reading this want to save themselves some money and be my substitute?

    Substitution Requirements:

    • The original attendee should not cancel the registration.
    • If the payment method is changing, the new attendee must provide payment prior to issuing a refund to the original attendee.
    • The Registration Team will facilitate the transfer of hotel reservations up to one week before the event. Substitutions requested after March 11, 2009 require the attendee to contact the hotel directly with reservation changes.
    • The registrant is responsible for canceling or changing travel reservations.

    ( ?
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    We're hoping to be there showing off our Silverlight 2 collaboration application colaab. We've been nominated from here in the UK to demo in some regard, finders crossed!


    Bob Thomson
    storm ideas
    twitter: movingforwards
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    Bummer you can't make it, but you can still get a refund (minus $100), unless you are feeling charitable and giving away your pass Smiley

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