Countdown@PDC: Day 4 Recap

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The Discussion

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    The Recaps are this developer's little guilty pleasure. I watch all the recaps before any PDC videos!
    Jennifer & Mike bring such great energy into 10 little minutes.

    Can we continue the Jen & Mike (or Mike & Jen) 10-minute shows after the PDC? Smiley

    Topic # 1
    Global warming. Is it real?

    Topic # 2
    Why a hybrid Escalade is good?

    (just throwing controversial topics out there)
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    They need a new timer.  They set it for 10 minutes and it only lasted 9!
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    Thanks, everyone, for attending PDC2008! Jennifer and I enjoyed recording these 10- (or 9-) minute weekly updates for you, and the feedback has been fantastic. As you may have heard, Jennifer and I are going to continue the series for our MIX09 event in March (after we take a short break). We loved meeting face-to-face with those of you who were able to attend the event. Thanks for coming up and giving us your comments and suggestions. See you next time!
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    It was a blast filming these at PDC. Thanks Mike and Ritzi for letting me ask some questions! Smiley

    Looking forward to seeing the Mix09 Countdowns.

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    I had a blast doing these videos with my buddy Mike, and I can't wait to start to do the Countdown vids for MIX09!  Do you like how on this very last video they didn't even tell us the camera was on?  Niiiiice.  That's why I love Channel 9!  Here are some more fun stats about the PDC for y'all:

    ·       Coffee Brewed .... 1312 gallons per day (includes breakfast, lunch, breaks)


    ·       Chicken Cooked for Monday's Lunch  ... 3,000 pounds


    ·       Candy Bars on Wednesday's Break ... 11,000 pieces


    ·       Bananas for the entire week ... 111,000 bananas


    ·       Breakfast Pastries (IE bagels, muffins, danish, donuts) ... 3,750 dozens for

    ·       the entire week


    ·       Butter ... 773 pounds ordered for the entire week ... 603 pounds consumed.


    ·       Assorted Sodas ... 61,104 ordered


    ·       Yogurt ... 11,424 ordered


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