Dare Obasanjo: SkyDrive - Personal Storage in the Cloud

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The Discussion

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    ilija injac

    I like to say, that the Live-SDK Team has done excellent work with the new SkyDrive-API. A huge step forward comparing with the old API. Continue your good work, and thank you for the excellent support.

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    Is there a way to "only browse" on a PC or Mac ?  I mean should every laptop/desktop should have 7 Gb or 25 Gb eaten up, just because I might one day may want to use a certain file that is in the cloud ?

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    If you only want to browse from a certain machine couldn't you just use the web client from that machine?

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    Chris Haaker

    Yeah, go to the web site. A "browse" only concept is fine until you are offline. Then how do you pull down the file you decide you want to do more with than see in the finder?

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    Congrats on a really great product!

    And good old Dare. I remember him from the first years of XML.

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    This is going to be Awesome! I can't wait writing Apps to use skydrive...... I am planing to use this Skydrive for My home automation.. If something really happens.. I will send pics to Sky drive.. & My app [Android ] will Notify me if anything wrong..... awesome!

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    Thanks for a number of key details. I now am thinking of "how" to build to the API - based on the comment in the Video. Hope to see Dare back on "Channel" soon.. 

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