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It's been way too long since Dare Obasanjo (of RSS Bandit and Carnage4Life fame) has appeared on C9. The last time was several years ago in an interview conducted by me and Scoble on a summer day outside of building 35 on the main MS campus in Redmond. What's Dare been up to since we last spoke? Turns out, quite a bit Smiley Dare works on the Live SDK team. They recently shipped the SkyDrive API. If you're not familiar with SkyDrive, it's a cloud-based personal file storage service, allowing users access to any file, anytime, anywhere... (we talk about what exactly that means and how it works in this conversation).

Here we catch up and geek out a bit on SkyDrive (from a developer and consumer's perspective, with an emphasis on the former, of course), web programming, personal file storage solutions (how do you design a SkyDrive?), the difference between SkyDrive and traditional (local) storage solutions, when to use SkyDrive verus Azure storage, and of course the SkyDrive API.

Tune in. Enjoy. Welcome back to C9, Dare. We'll come see you again!



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The Discussion

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    ilija injac

    I like to say, that the Live-SDK Team has done excellent work with the new SkyDrive-API. A huge step forward comparing with the old API. Continue your good work, and thank you for the excellent support.

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    Is there a way to "only browse" on a PC or Mac ?  I mean should every laptop/desktop should have 7 Gb or 25 Gb eaten up, just because I might one day may want to use a certain file that is in the cloud ?

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    If you only want to browse from a certain machine couldn't you just use the web client from that machine?

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    Chris Haaker

    Yeah, go to the web site. A "browse" only concept is fine until you are offline. Then how do you pull down the file you decide you want to do more with than see in the finder?

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    Congrats on a really great product!

    And good old Dare. I remember him from the first years of XML.

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    This is going to be Awesome! I can't wait writing Apps to use skydrive...... I am planing to use this Skydrive for My home automation.. If something really happens.. I will send pics to Sky drive.. & My app [Android ] will Notify me if anything wrong..... awesome!

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    Thanks for a number of key details. I now am thinking of "how" to build to the API - based on the comment in the Video. Hope to see Dare back on "Channel" soon.. 

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