Don Jones and Jeffrey Snover: The Value of Windows PowerShell for IT Professionals

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Don Jones, author, trainer and scripting guru for and discusses the value of PowerShell for IT Administrators and Enterprise IT Management with Jeffrey Snover, Architect for Windows PowerShell and Microsoft Management Console.  Don Jones is the author with Jeffrey Hicks of PowerShell TFM from Sapien Press.





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The Discussion

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    To be honest, I use UNIX/Linux and windows mix in the datacenter and this PowerShell thingy looks very very much like standard BASH shell under UNIX/Linux. I know and understand there are a lot of other things that you do NOT have under BASH and visa-versa.

    Not realy impressed by what it can do, happy windows will now start shipping with a intergrated shell like this.

    Johan Louwers.

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    Yeah I started in Unix and laughed at Windows and its BAT files.... Then vbscript (which I still use) and now Powershell... I really think the scripting platform works to even the playing field.  Seeing folks reproduce often used Unix commands in Powershell cmdlets is great!

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    PowerShell is the future of Windows administration?


    Good joke. Wink

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