Don Jones and Jeffrey Snover: The Value of Windows PowerShell for IT Professionals

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    To be honest, I use UNIX/Linux and windows mix in the datacenter and this PowerShell thingy looks very very much like standard BASH shell under UNIX/Linux. I know and understand there are a lot of other things that you do NOT have under BASH and visa-versa.

    Not realy impressed by what it can do, happy windows will now start shipping with a intergrated shell like this.

    Johan Louwers.

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    Yeah I started in Unix and laughed at Windows and its BAT files.... Then vbscript (which I still use) and now Powershell... I really think the scripting platform works to even the playing field.  Seeing folks reproduce often used Unix commands in Powershell cmdlets is great!

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    PowerShell is the future of Windows administration?


    Good joke. Wink

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