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Douglas Englebart, the inventor of the computer mouse that we all take for granted by now, recently sat down to dine with Scoble and few other folks. Watch as Doug discusses the history and motivation behind his invention.

Joining Doug and Scoble are Buzz Bruggeman, CEO of ActiveWords, Andy Ruff, PM on the Microsoft Entourage team, Joe Jaffe, marketer, and Bill Daul. 

From Scoble:

"Don’t know who Doug Engelbart is? Visit his Wikipedia page and read up (he developed the mouse 25 years before Apple used it on the Macintosh)."




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The Discussion

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    a !
    Thank you,
    it is so fortunate that the history of the pioneers of Computer/Internet/Web  can be archive for future generations - as opposed to just reading Old News Groups
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    great stuff, but its a pity that the restaurant was so loud. 
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    So nice video! Can you retouch it a bit brighter?
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    Congrats, Scoble, you beat Cringley and his next weeks NerdTV show Wink

    It's funny and really cool!
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    I am jealous at the older population who have seen the revolution happen right before their eyes.

    I hope to one day when I have grand kids (I'm 19) tell them what I was doing when I was their age.

    Edit: Wow, I'm at the last 5 minutes of the video, I love that he thinks ideas are free. He doesn't care about making the money, he cares about the evolution of the ideas.
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    Great discussion about Open Source at 22:13. I run an Open Source project myself. A blog too. These things don't make money. However, I think there are others out there that are compelled to evolve ideas as I am. This discussion touches on the fact that business stifles the evolution of software.
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    Fantastic, thank you Channel 9.

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    I like to share a link to Frode Hegland's site at
    Please follow the video and audio links at the bottom of the page. Frode has an excellent collection of audio and video interviews with Doug Engelbart.

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    Cool!  It's always good to be reminded these things didn't magically appear, that someone actually invented it.
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    If you happen to have watched this bit: congratulation user.

    check out - the official Engelbart-Site and there is another excellent interview @ - Cringley's series of tech-gurus. (This time the audio is very good).

    Realize. The old man (in the NerdTV-Piece) is talking soft and tender but his thoughs are sharp and his ideas edgy. I would love to have such a brain at that age...

    There is wisdom in old men, we can sip from Wink
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    Does anyone know his email address?
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    Matt_Rajca wrote:
    Does anyone know his email address?

    I do, send me email.

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