ELC 2010: Rich Hickey and Joe Pamer - Perspectives on Clojure and F#

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After a long day of sessions at Emerging Languages Camp 2010, I caught up with two of the day's presenters, Clojure creator Rich Hickey (you've met Rich before in an Expert to Expert episode with Brian Beckman) and F# compiler developer Joe Pamer. Clojure is a dynamic language that compiles to byte code/IL, targeting both the JVM and the CLR. Clojure is a Lisp. F# is a strongly-typed hybrid language that targets the CLR and employs a dual programming model—functional and object-oriented imperative.

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The Discussion

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    Clojure is one of the lanagues that's right up the top of my list of my list to learn.  It makes me wonder though that as Clojure has a JVM and .Net versions if there has been any thought to porting the DLR to JVM or vice versa to make it easier to target these languages at both platforms?

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    The JVM employs a different strategy for supporting dynamic languages. What would porting the DLR to work with the JVM accomplish?


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    Great stuff.  It would be cool to have more on Clojure for the CLR.  Maybe some compare and contrast of implementing some bits of functionality using C#, F#, and Clojure, or look at how concurrency is supported in these languages.

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