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The Eiffel programming language is an object-oriented language that is based on a fixed set of powerful principles like Design by Contract and Command-Query Separation. It's a very powerful language that has impacted the evolution of the more popular general purpose OO languages such as Java and C#.

At Lang.NEXT 2012, I caught up with Emmanuel Stapf, head of the Compiler Division at Eiffel Software, to briefly discuss what's new in Eiffel.



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The Discussion

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    Bravo Manu! (and to Microsoft for taking the time to interview all of these very fine colleagues!)

    We are using EiffelStudio 7.x to build an Enterprise-level wholesale distributor software system, complete with an internal and full-service accounting engine and server. The software will handle customer accounts, sales order, purchase orders, shipping, receiving, shipping claims and many other aspects of the business, including a full inventory accounting management system. The team consists of 11 active developers (Eiffel and SQL Server 2008r2 accessed by way of ODBC).

    We have been working on this system for about 18 months. The service provided by Eiffel Software has been second to none (really! -- sometimes fixing small bugs in a matter of hours). The language, method and IDE are wonderful to work with. Using Void-safety is the only way to write code. Design by Contract lives up to its billing! Strong and static typing are wonderful to work with in the arena of Multiple Inheritance, Generic Classes and so much more. Auto-test is TDD built right in to EiffelStudio and is excellent to work with.

    Overall, we are very happy with Eiffel, EiffelStudio, Eiffel Software and the entire development process. We have also easily baked in team operations around SCRUM and Agile development, which is resulting in code quality that is extraordinarily good!

    This is an excellent interview with great questions and very thoughtfully presented. As an Eiffel team, we really appreciate the positive work this interview represents.

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    Hi Larry,

    It is interesting, after long time with FoxPro you switched to Eiffel. Have you considered Delphi at some point? While languages differ, I have an impression that Delphi kind of suits same use cases as Eiffel, but is more mature/mainstream.


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