Eric Faller and Savraj Dhanjal - Ribbon Extensibility in Office 2007

Play Eric Faller and Savraj Dhanjal - Ribbon Extensibility in Office 2007
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Scoble sits down with a few of the members of the Office 2007 Extensibility team: Eric Faller and Savraj Dhanjal. Their technology allows developers to build new types of apps on top of Office 2007. Get the details here (as always Wink )


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The Discussion

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    I made a couple of mistakes in the demos.  Here are explanations:

    1. When I was saving the Word document after modifying the XML file, Winzip was saving the file without subdirectory information, so it didn't actually update the file I edited (that's the error message it was popping up which I kept closing).  If Winzip had actually saved the file correctly, it would have worked.

    2. When I recorded the macro and attached it to a toolbar, I recorded the macro into, but attached the toolbar to the current document.  When I moved it to the other computer and clicked the button there, it was finding and running another "Macro1" on the Normal.dotm on that computer, which I had created while practicing the demo.  So the fact that the button appears to do something different on the other computer is technically correct Smiley

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    The stream breaks at the 1:00 mark. Even if I re-connect and try to skip to that point.
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    gdesroches wrote:
    The stream breaks at the 1:00 mark. Even if I re-connect and try to skip to that point.

    Weird, it's happening here too. I'll try to get that fixed.
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    Thanks.  I was trying to play yesterday on creating a Word document using VSTO v3 and Office2007.  Just basic add text and change formating stuff.  I could not find anything on that.  Any links to get me started?  Do I even need VSTO for this or just use the Word COM object?
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    The stream file is being fixed. Stay tuned... For now, use the Download file to watch.

    EDIT: This appears to be more complicated than originally thought. No fix in sight for the next few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Be sure to check out

    The MSDN Ribbon Extensibility site:
      - links to blogs, screencasts, documentation

    The CustomUI Editor tool:


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    The streaming file has been fixed.
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    From what I understand after watching this if I want to dynamically customize the toolbar from code I have to pass XML?

    XML is good for somethings but this is bad.... I want to  be able to work directly with objects from code, not have to construct some bizarre XML string just to add a button to the toolbar! Sad

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