Eric Lippert: Happy Birthday Channel 9!

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Five years ago, Eric Lippert played the esteemed role of C9 interview guinea pig. He was the first engineer we interviewed and it was his interview that showed us that we might just be on to something. For those of you who are sticklers for detail, yes, Eric's interview did not ship first on the site, but it was the very first interview conducted.

I remember all of us (Bryn, Jeff, Lenn, Scoble, Charles) huddled around my office watching the conversation with Eric, at that point in time an engineer on the Trinity team. We looked at each other and smiled. This is so cool, we thought. C9.Iterate( 5 );

What a great five years it's been since then and a great big THANK YOU to Eric for letting us into his office with a camera five years ago. Here, Eric reflects on Channel 9, his current role as C# compiler developer and of course Niners.

Happy Birthday, Niners!!!




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