Eron Kelly: Moving Microsoft to the Cloud - Past, Present and Future

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Eron Kelly, Director of Microsoft's Business Online Services Product Management, discusses the key role that Microsoft Online Services plays in Microsoft's transformation from a software company to an online services company, and provides a sneak peek into the future of Microsoft Online Services.
You've heard about economy of scale. How about economy of skill? Learn how BPOS provides customers with both.
How can Microsoft make money selling services? What's the value for Microsoft? What's the value for our partners and customers?  Learn about the new tools and features that will help partners work efficiently with more customers and help them develop customer solutions on the Microsoft Online Services platform.
Also, in this interview Eron finally answers the question you’ve all been asking: “What’s the distinction between Microsoft Online Services and the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS)?”

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The Discussion

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    I'd love to see a similiar interview with someone who heads Office Live.  Where Microsoft Online/BPOS has focused on enterprise customers...I think Microsoft efforts to capture the small business market with Office Live Small Business (OLSB) is equally important.


    Speaking as a small business owner, of all the Office 2010 capabilities coming out...the one that really stands out is the ability to publish/share MS Access databases and forms.  If Microsoft can offer a low cost way to publish/share MS Access via Office Live, I think it would be a great source for future Microsoft Online growth.

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