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From the Archives: Erik Meijer and Mark Shields - Compiling MSIL to JS

33 minutes, 59 seconds


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This interview never shipped on C9, but why keep it hidden when we don't have to? From the archives, Erik Meijer and Mark Shields join us for a chat about compiling MSIL to JS.


Tune in. Enjoy. 


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  • felix9felix9 the cat that walked by itself

    hoho.... any more stuff in the 'archive' ??? Devil

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    @felix9: Maybe.

  • martenmarten


    I'd love to see you guys go deep and discuss "Model-Based Management" and System Center Management Packs development and the concepts behind this, where does it come from? Is it a DSL ? etc


  • Pavel VolgarevPavel Volgarev

    Nice talk. What happened to this project?

  • Is this what is called http://jsil.org/ today? or was it developed independent from the work you have done?

  • felix9felix9 the cat that walked by itself

    today it lives here I believe https://github.com/Reactive-Extensions/IL2JS

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    @felix9: Yes. This was open-sourced. Mark and Erik no longer work at MS and so this project is no longer alive inside MS.


  • I didn't realize that Erik was gone...wow. First the fat boys break up and now this!




  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    @B3NT: Erik left the company about 6 months ago. Nobody knows exactly what he's doing, but I suspect he's gone independent and is helping out on various complex software projects for various companies. In my opinion, this is great for Erik and the companies he's putting his creative genius to work for.


  • WinInsiderWinInsider Mike, MCAD

    Charles, any reason why this video was held back?

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    @WinInsider: Yes. At the time, we had no idea what would actually become of IL2JS (interestingly, we shot this video after Erik and Mark came by to pitch the technology to some higher ups in my group)...

    So, Erik et al wanted to wait. Now that it's been open sourced (for a while now, actually), it's fine to share this little piece of history. There is no news here Smiley

    I think the content herein is useful and educational and also entertaining. That's why I shipped it.


  • NovoxNovox “Simplicity is the ultimate ​sophisticat​ion.” —Leonardo da Vinci

    Well, looks like Erik started "Applied Duality, Inc." (http://www.applied-duality.com/)

  • WinInsiderWinInsider Mike, MCAD

    @Charles: kudos... thanks for opening the vault 😃

    If the project would follow-through... could prove to be offering similar to GWT, but for .NET... was there no appetite for it?

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    @WinInsider: I have no useful insights into the fate of the project, internally. I wasn't involved with it...


  • @Charles: can you tell us what project <beep> was? It's mentioned at the end as the project that RX and this work came out of.

    Thanks for posting!


  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    , Justin Bailey wrote

    @Charles: can you tell us what project <beep> was? It's mentioned at the end as the project that RX and this work came out of.

    Thanks for posting!

    "Volta" was the codename that turned into the 'official' project name that turned into a law suit. All is well, except that it's dead (It was by far one of the best things Erik et al dreamed up and implemented. Such a shame it never saw the light of day as it was meant to, but so much goodness, like Rx, came out of it, so there's that...).

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