GDC08: James Silva, XNA, XBOX Arcade, Zune Gaming, Renegade Dishwasher Samurai Angst and Revenge

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James Silva was one of the stars of GDC 2008, presenting his good work in a keynote where good things were announced by the XNA People... 

James created the winning entry in a recent XNA contest. His game is based on his experience as a dishwasher in a restaurant where he wasn't afforded proper respect. The result of this legitimate angst is a game written on the XNA platform (managed XNA, specifically, fully written in C#) Dishwasher Death Samurai Smiley I caught up with James and a few XNA People, Program Managers Mitch Walker and Michael Klucher, to discuss James' game, XNA (what does XNA stand for, anyway? What does XNA encompass from a platform perspective? What does the recent XBox Live Arcade announcement mean? We also get to see a game written using the XNA framework running on a Zune (very cool!). And there's more...

Tune in.


Low res version here.



The Discussion

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    Now when the heck can I use this stuff!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?! I want games on my, it is just too cool.
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    I want that game either! Really cool!
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    Downloading and watching right now Smiley
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    Yankee wrote:
    I want that game either! Really cool!

    I played DishWasher at the XNA Tour. It was soooo cool. Haven't had so much fun in a game lately. The graphics look incredible...

    Actually I have a question for James: what kind of graphic skills does he have? I mean the graphics look really good and I wonder how he made them look so cool.

    The problem that I always face when creating a game are the graphics and that's why I ask these questions...

    Charles, could you please pass these questions to James Silva! Smiley

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