George Chrysanthakopoulos: Microsoft CCR and DSS Toolkit 2008

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The great George Chrysanthakopoulos (CCR creator) chats with us briefly about the new CCR and DSS Visual Toolkit. You first learned about CCR right here on Channel 9. Since that time it's had a very interesting evolution. The CCR found itslef at the core of the Microsoft Robotics engine on the one hand and running in the cloud on 50,000 servers processing billions of transactions. George and team have always been impressed with how people have used the CCR (many folks have downloaded the Microsoft Robotics SDK for the express purpose of getting at the CCR). Well, now you gaet the stand-alone CCR plus DSS in a neat application development package including Visual Programming Language.

Get the bits and more info at the links below:

To learn more about Microsoft CCR and DSS Toolkit 2008, visit:

CCR DSS Tyco Case Study (video):

CCR DSS Siemens Case Study (written):

CCR DSS Siemens Case Study (video):

CCR DSS Toolkit 2008 datasheet:

George's PDC Session:



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