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Windows 7 RC is here, now broadly available. Go get it!
What do you think?

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The Discussion

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    The only complaint i have - is that on my ASUS R1F (Intel 945 Express) Tablet PC the screen rotation controls don't work. To rotate the screen you have to go to the Mobility Center. Otherwise, I think it is fatastic - I have blogged about my experience here
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    Rock solid.

    Excellent setup routine, simple to use, fantastic performance, cute features, and best of all, 'it just works'. Probably the best general purpose operating system, in the world...

    Big respect to Steve S and the Windows team. The magnificent 7 just rode into town, yee hah...

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    I have been recently using Win7 on an old labtop with 384Mb RAM, and I have had no problems.  With vista you couldnt run with anything less then 1Gig of ram without problems in terms of performance.
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    So, will this RC upgrade to the real thing in time?
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    Probably not a good idea, generally.
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    Loving Windows 7
    Didn't think it would feel much different to Vista, but it is definetly more than just a Service Pack!

    - TOP Wish list -
    The Ability to drag the task bar icons and have them stay there (i.e. Skype icon on the far right, development icons grouped together with a clear gap between them and the other icons)
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    I visited the next page: and the image in the right upper corner resembles a KDE wallpaper. Is a error o a joke.

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    You can't group them (that I know of), but you can drag them around in any order you like.  Those that are pinned to the task bar anyway.  I always keep mine in the same order.  Soooooooo much better that way!
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    win7 rules.. installed the rc saturday and ive been using the beta previous to that.
    great perf, looks great, small things like the themes and sounds really make it pop Smiley even more thems would be even better but thats just a nitpick.. love the winkey + [1-9] for taskswitching with in the app. more icons fitting on the taskbar is also great

    one thing i do want to comment on is searching from multiple locatons.. its actually possible to select multiple folders to search in but as far as i know, you have to start searching first, then wait for that pane to appear on the right side of the window, then click custom search.. not only i this hard to fine, the pane also dissapears if you find to many results and it doesnt appear right away :/
    if someone knows an easier way to search multiple locations, please tell me Smiley

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