IE 8: Compatibility and Versioning

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The Discussion

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    Exciting Big Smile
    I want to help make IE8, better, best, most trusted....Gooder!
       Mark Wisecarver

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    cool cool Smiley
    what really needs to be talked about though is perf... ie8b2 is really slow, especially when zoomed in (try anandtech and tomshardware for isntance) someone said the js perf was going to be better in ie8 but both chrome and ff are way faster :/  why not use the silverlight js implementation? its awsome so much faster (dev div rules)

    its also very sad that many many pages including wikipedia and msdn dont work correctly in normal ie8 mode.. you have to revert to compat mode for them to work :/
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    So examples of what DTD header and Metatag combinations will give you what renderingen engine and a compatibility button or not whould be nice....

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