IView at Microsoft: Meet the Team

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Microsoft recently purchased IView, which is the British company that creates IView MediaPro. In this video, we meet the IView team, most of which is now located in Redmond, WA, USA. IView's founder takes us through the history of IView and we are introduced to the folks who wrote and support this compelling digital asset management system. We cover what it's like to be purchased by a giant company like Microsoft, why Microsoft bought IView, what's in store for IView (does the purchase mean an end to IView as we know it?), etc. Tune in. Meet the IView team.





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The Discussion

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    Whoa, really cool stuff Big Smile

    Where can I get it?


    never mind. Found it:

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    See the link in the description of the video....

    Here it is again: http://www.iview-multimedia.com/

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    Ion Todirel
    Charles wrote:
    See the link in the description of the video....

    Here it is again: http://www.iview-multimedia.com/

    An PHP web site Smiley
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    Oh it looks pretty cool.
    But i'm surprised that they use Mac's in Redmond[6]...
    It's a kind of guerilla strategy isn't it ??

    I also saw a really cool web based Digital Asset Management Software
    It called Fluxiom.
    Have a look at www.fluxiom.com

    It's completely written in Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
    Very impressive.

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    I was at the Red Hat HQ here in Raleigh a few days ago and was surprised how much Windows and Mac I saw up there.  Sure way more Linux was in there but you have some of the alternatives. When you develop products for each of the platforms you are bound to have some mixed environment around. Just like Im sure Apple has some Windows and I know Yellowdog Linux in their HQ.
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    Charles wrote:
    See the link in the description of the video....

    Here it is again: http://www.iview-multimedia.com/


    DELETED: Nevermind, I read their FAQ.
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    I know I can download and spend a few hours figuring this out, but does anyone know if I-View has built in support for the following ?

    1. Adding very suttle watermarks to your photographs like MangumPhotos does to all it's website photos ? Look here at the corners.
    2. Can you include digital copyright information within the jpeg or gif, that is readable by programs written to detect copyright violations ?

    Thanks ! Cool
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    What are you guys thinking? A rich native app that runs on both Windows and MAC (what no Linux version?)

    Don't you read Gartner and listen to Ray Ozzie? The windows platform is DEAD! Web 2.0 is taking over the world. No one is buying traditional PC app's anymore.

    Get with the program!

    Tongue Out
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    'couldn't understand anything in the video as if they were speaking some foreign language–audio was too garbled... 'doesn't impress me as being very professional.

    Ed Book
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    July 12, 2007 I cannot download the test version of Expression Media. The download page has no way of downloading it. A week or so ago I submitted a bug report for Expression Media. I cannot find anywhere any way to get information about Expression Media; Web, Design Yes, but Media no. Has Expression Media died, been killed by MS and buried? What is the situation with Expression Media.

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