Imagine Cup 2007 Korea Finals: Walking and Talking with Joe

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The Imagine Cup finals are happening and we're in Soeul, Korea to cover the event for Channels 8 and 9. Most of the video coverage can be seen (in near real-time) on Channel 8 so please check it out!

Here, our good friend Joe Wilson, Director of Academic Evangelism and grand poobah of the Imagine Cup, walks us around on a tour of the scene and introduces us to each of the competion categories.

Come along with us. This is a fun tour of a great event!

Note: This video was processed to go on Channel 8, but I decided it belongs on 9 given the length and tone of it. Also, since Joe is walking and talking with me, it just seems natural for this to be on 9. You'll see a few more Imagine Cup videos on 9, but most will show up on 8.



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The Discussion

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    Amazing how many females are in the video. I didn't expect that. It's so different than at my university. It's so great to see them also being interested in technology Smiley

    Great video, Charles and Joe.

    Also interesting to see Larry in front of the camera.
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    get it uncle joe!

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