Imagine Cup: Finalists meet Bill, Show their wares in Redmond

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The Discussion

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    The last presentation was interesting, because this system can be used to limit the paper work that doctors have to do. Patient Records can all be computarized and access through cards, so doctors would just type new records in.

    Also, it can allow doctors to track patients wholive in other countries or who are travelling. Or maybe allow doctors to volunteer some time to help young kids in aflicted African nations, and help diagnose diseases from their office in the US or Europe or in an airplane.

    So it has many applications really. The Idea was nice.Smiley
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    I can't say how amazed I am at Bill, and the course he's taking. It's absolutely fantastic to see one of the worlds most influential minds putting his efforts toward making this place better for everybody.

    ImagineCup is absolutely fantastic! Great work IC! Awesome video, too.
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    Does someone knows more about the doctor system? Is a video accessible in the internet where i can see the HMD 3D UI?
    (A video like this one from CHI 2002: )

    I am also going to make a HMD 3D UI. Does someone knows which SDK (marker-pictures-based like in the doctor system) is recommendable? I found metaio Unifeye and ARTag ( and )


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