Immo Landwerth: Future Directions of Native Image Generation via NGen

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Immo Landwerth is a self-confessed Niner who spends a fair amount of time lurking on C9 and watching videos. In fact, he decided to apply for an internship at Microsoft this past Summer because of the videos on C9. Wow. That's cool!

Immo is from Germany where he is working on his Masters degree in computer science. What better team to intern with than the CLR team? What better problem to spend the summer investigating than how to make the Native Image Generator (Ngen) a more granular "service" and without requiring admin rights to create native images?

Imagine a world where NGen would run when it needed to (in addition to what it does today as part of an application installation process), automatically, and target specific and isolated pieces of the application(binaries that require re-Ngen'ing). Make sense? No? Well, Immo is a very articulate young man, so let him explain it to you. Great thinking, Immo. Looking forward to watching what happens here as NGen evolves.

Good luck, Immo! Hopefully, we'll see you soon when you come to work full time on the CLR team! Smiley



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