IE 9 - Surf on Metal with GPU Powered HTML5

Play IE 9 - Surf on Metal with GPU Powered HTML5
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Get your hands on the IE9 developer platform preview!

We drop in on IE PM and graphics enginering legend Ted Johnson and IE dev platform PM John Hrvatin to discuss what we learned in Dean's office: hardware accelerated HTML5.



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The Discussion

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    Rodney McKay

    Very Strange - i just downloaded another IE 9 video with 1MB/s, this video downloads with just 18 KB/s Perplexed


    My location is Austria/Europe, something wrong with with the azure CDN ?


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    We are looking into this. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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    I can open about 15-20 tabs in either firefox or IE and use about 300mb of RAM.

    Chrome, I open 3 tabs, and it uses about 700mb of RAM.

    Utter trash, I put it on my old P4 1.5 because everyone was telling me how great it was, and how little resources it used. Straight back to firefox and IE. Smiley


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    Hmm.., I don't see security issue being address in IE9 or perhaps its not cover in this post. With ever growing importance of the Internet, is security being addressed the least?

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    I was found more discussion about it,. I just wanna say I know its too easy to pick on IE, so its just a matter of hoping that they will release a browser now thats not full with all kind of bugs,.

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    some of my friend ever experienced like you,. got the same problem,.,..So,Now he use IE or Mozilla again,.. (Not for the other browser),.

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    Thanks for share,

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    I still use IE for surfing on the Net,. because it's familiar browser for me,.

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    nice News share about IE,.

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    Really great nice news. Thank you Charles. Angel

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