IE 9 and SVG - Past, Present and Future of Vector Graphics for the Web

Play IE 9 and SVG - Past, Present and Future of Vector Graphics for the Web

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    I love the way HTML 5 et al. and Silverlight will be internally competing (as well as complementing) at Microsoft and how you've gone back to embracing the Web. This should win back a lot of browser heretics, myself included. Wink

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    Nobody should be knocking Microsoft for IE, lets face it everyone has used it and in the early days of the internet, everyone, myself included thought it was amazing. The fact is MS will never be able to keep up with the Open Source variety. I moved over to Firefox years ago as soon as i realised that i could bolt on free extensions to customize the browser. Perhaps MS should allow IE to go open source in an effort to compete with Mozilla. I just cannot see that happening though.

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    It is there, SVG in IE9, such a delight.
    Basic shapes are mostly there already, and I hope support for gradients, masking and clipping very near.
    I personally think MS will take similar strategy as Mozilla, leaving deep font and SMIL support to be the last features implemented, but we'll see.
    SMIL is great, but I take their complaints about some inconsistencies between SVG+SMIL and CSS-transitions are proper ones...
    But still, it's great to have SVG in IE finally!!


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    This topic/presenter suggests that Microsoft has finally jumped on board with SVG. Woot!

    I look forward to being able to render SVG natively in IE9 - I just hope I'm not being over optimistic in expecting it in IE9.

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    It's incredible to see an MS employee discussing a topic that currently they DO NOT support in Internet Explorer!

    I too feel it will be over optimistic to see SVG in IE9 as they've still have so much catching up to do in other areas of standards support.

    There's also the issue of where Silverlight fits into all of this?!?

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    If IE9 supports all features like dynamic text intoduction in SVG; change FONT of text thats available in web server, scaling of Pictures, without any addon plugins then it ll be really great one.

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    Good news ,.. Success for IE9, (for Present and Future of Vector Graphics for the Web)

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    sure Scottz,. hope it's be really great one,.

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    I know its too easy to pick on IE, so its just a matter of hoping that they will release a browser now thats not full with all kind of bugs

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