Inside .NET 4: Meet the BCL Team

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Much of what you can do with .NET, from a compositional perspective, is enabled by the vast functionality housed in .NET's huge base class libraries (in fact, the BCL is what provides all the incredibly default(part of the .NET framework) useful objects you use to paint your binary vision). Who are some of the folks who think up and write the BCL? Who tests the BCL to ensure these libraries do what they claim to do and in a performant, reliable and predictable way? What are some of the innovations in the BCL that ships as part of Visual Studio 2010? Tune in and find out the who, what and why behind BCL 4.

Members of the BCL team in this interview:

Josh Free
Brian Grunkemeyer
Matt Ellis
Justin Van Patten
Melitta Andersen
Matthew Greig
Kim Hamilton
Katy King




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