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IE9 at MIX10

Just announced: Dean Hachamovich will be keynoting at MIX10. He'll talk about changes and improvements that have been made to Internet Explorer 9 since PDC09. His talk is sure to include a couple of surprises...


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  • Will he say anything about Canvas and Video tag?

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    Who knows... We'll find out, right?


  • Go Microsoft !!!!!!!Dovella Go Microsoft !!!!!!!

    Microsoft is the BEST!!!

  • magicalclickmagicalclick Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.

    I don't care, I just want a tab that doesn't froze, a browser that doesn't froze completely (yes just got that recently on a barely responsive forum), a broswer that actually release RAM when I close a tab, a default download path that doesn't change to the previous "I don't remember where" folder I saved, a broswer stop keep poping out "go offline?" and all my family/friends went offline without knowning what's going on.


    I don't care performance or stnadard at this point when IE is comepletely poor on user experience. And nah, I actually switched to FF yesterday due to AdBlock can make my facebook game FarmVille play faster. Even if IE is no longer bloated with strange secuirty integrations, poor GUI, and actual working tab experience, the Add-On experience is way too weak. IE development is slow and there is no flexible add-on system to evolve the platform. Unless they start from scratch, I will not be happy about it.



  • Can't we get rid of IE 6 first?? There are no features that could be introduced that outweigh the pain of having four IE browsers to support.

  • I just hope IE9 will be out in a timely fashion. I want my GPU accelerated browsing damnit.

  • Well, great, hopefully the user experience and memory management will improve.

    Now we only need to kill of IE6...

  • Releasing another IE is how IE6 will be phased out.  It's sad to see how many of our business clients still use IE6 and haven't even upgraded to IE7, much less 8.  Now IE9 is going to be pushed down our throughts?


    I hope it is even faster than 8.

    I hope that it doesn't crash when a tab freezes.

    I hope it remembers settings better.

    I hope this is more of a performance release than an enhancement release.



  • IE seems to have a messy update cycle. I have to use compatibility mode still  with many of my school's sites. When I upgrade Chrome or Firefox, I never seem to have issues.


    Plus, IE's install process  is kinda lame. Reboots? Seriously.


    Having said that, I appreciate the colored tabs, and I appreciate the full page zoom (even though Firefox and Chrome have now copied that, and actually they perform better in zoom too ... ). 


    I look forward to IE9, but I am so hooked on Chrome and Firefox, it'll be hard to switch back. GPU acceleration might do it for me.

  • magicalclickmagicalclick Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.

    I hope IE team understand this part. Stop bloating IE. Before you go huh, here is what I mean.


    1) IE should have multi-versioning on CORE engine. When an app is using those IE components, they can choose which version they want, or dynamically choose the latest. Think DX9 and DX10 co-exists.


    2) Seperate IE CORE from the Chorme. I mean, the core should be pushed out as Windows Update because a lot of apps are relying on it. Meaning, it is not an application, IE Core is a platform. I don't know how things works, but, maybe seperate script engine, rendering engine, and GUI to three isolated components, while IE Core covers srcript and rendering engines without GUI.


    3) Make release cycle seperate, IE core and IE Chorme. Like I said, IE Core is not an application, they are pushed through Windows Update. Give it another name, like Windows Browser Engine or something. But, you are no longer bundling IE application. You are making Windows Browser Engine a part of Windows, which has no impact on competitions. Without IE Chorm, you can't access internet without 3rd party application installed.


    4) Finally, make IE Chorme a dedicated team to focus on user experience. And this is obviously an optional download compare to IE Core recommanded download. Just like DirectX Games, IE Chorme will validate IE Core version and requests their "needed" version if needed. And any apps using IE Core will have the same process for requesting their needed versions.


  • Those all sound like fantastic ideas. I think Microsoft needs to be insanely aggressive with IE. It has to be clean and simple like Chrome, yet have a fresh look like Firefox's 4.0 mockups. They need to have great power user features like Firefox's "page info" menu.


    Of course they also need to be crazy fast and crazy reliable. 

  • Dorian MuthigDodo I'm your creativity creatorâ„¢ :)

    The one thing I would want, is an IE5.5/6 compatibility mode in addition to the IE7 mode that's already there. Would be awesome for web development, and even more awesome, because then all those corporate horror shows could upgrade without worries.

  • While we are on the topic of hating IE I'd like to add a few things.


    First stop ignoring obvious questions. If you don't have Canvas and Video say it. We're web developers and not end users. We don't buy marketing bullshit.


    IE8 renderer was generally fine and close to what other browsers render. Compatibility mode was a good idea but...


    1. Has anyone else noticed the EXTREME lag when typing in a text area on a page with a lot of HTML elements. Facebook had that problem before they switched back to IE7 compatibility where the text area works fine. How is that you can miss a laggy text area when testing? How is that it works fine in IE6 and IE7. Will it be fixed in IE9? I care about this much more than JS speed.


    2. What's with the moving html elements? Sometimes things get rendered on top of each other and when you select them they suddenly go on their right places? Do you do rendering while processing the HTML and then forget to fix the positions when the next element renders? Will it be fixed in IE9?


    I want to point out that I'm not part of the IE hate crew. I use IE as an end user, I like the new features like web slices and accelerators, I use them and implemented them for my site but we got it. I don't need being told a thousand times about how cool web slices are. I need info on the problems!

  • Absolutely!


    Reboots, tab/switching slowness, lack of an updated extension model (MEF), better CSS support, inconsistent update cycle, random freezes, let's hope IE9 will be the FTW Windows 7 is. 


    Like you, I'm addicted to Chrome and only use Firefox for Adblock Plus, but Chrome has extensions now wahoo.


    IE9 will be a nice upgrade, so instead of assumptions, I await the annoucements.

  • Having an install of IE not need a reboot would be AWESOME! But I am guessing you would need to separate out somethings in order for that to happen such as Trident. Having Trident separate would mean that you could release more updates to HTML/CSS rendering without having to couple it with a 2-3year IE release.

  • Joshua RossJoshRoss Drinking Ovaltine since 2004

    The feature that I am most excited to see in IE9 is the uninstall all toolbars button.  I can't tell you how many times I have jumped on someone's computer and loaded IE, only to see half a dozen toolbars smeared across the screen.  It is really disgusting.

  • I hope it is even faster than 8.
    I hope that it doesn't crash when a tab freezes.
    I hope it remembers settings better.
    I hope this is more of a performance release than an enhancement release.

    I hope they don't put in unnecessary features like "Web Slices".
    Focus on important things like Security, Performance, & Standard Compliance (CSS3 and ACID3).

    What would make it very cool will be **rich** AddOn eco-system like FireFox and some neat UI personalizations.

  • Is there a plan in IE9  to support native MathML rendering without the need of MathPlayer plugin ?

  • Maxtoth3max OS X to boot, W2K8R2x64 in VM

    Whatever they will release they must also release for Windows Phone 7. A mobile version of IE less capable than the current desktop IE8 would be a real shame going forward into 2011.

  • magicalclickmagicalclick Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.

    I need to make this statement again to make it more importnat. "MAKE OFFLINE MODE REALLY HARD TO ENABLE" Seriously. How many time I have to deal with this "IE is not working" because the user has no idea what offline mode is, they have no idea when offline mode just suddenly enabled.



    Well, anyway, IE already lost me. I have no hope for IE9, it is probably another "user experience" bargage with gimmics. I don't care the majority of bargage claim when I have users keep asking why their IE is broken AGAIN. And "where is my downloaded files". And tons of other completely none-technical issues.


  • IE9 - which engine will IE9 use for HTML rendering?

    "Everyone else" uses WebKit but IE8 used its own, defaulting back to IE7, possibly IE6 - or so I heard... Hopefully we don't see IE9 having 4 different rendering engines...

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