Introducing "Dallas"

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The Discussion

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    Ion Todirel

    nice video, good job! Smiley

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    Very cool! As a BI pro the first thing that came to mind was PowerPivot, Dallas and PowerPivot are a match made in heaven! Hope to get access to the CTP and create some mashups !

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    Cool.  Had a problem with this video however.  Media failure about 6 times at:

    6:33, 10:55, 15:10, 19:00  and had to restart.  This brings up larger issue.  Is it the player that forces you to restart on media failure or something else?  SL player should only pause and try to restart from same place.  Or is it just that the exception restarts position at zero?

    Why do media failures happen?  Is it a network thing or a server thing?


    I like lil'Gs idea of putting linq over this stuff.  Needs to happen.  Naturally, Rx would also be natural in this space for push notifications, etc.

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    Great Vid. This will be every helpful and fun to use.

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    Oh yeah! LINQ for Dallas... can't wait to see it being build.

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    This is one heck of a project I first read about it from NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Mission, which is really huge. Would be nice to see some datasets that show live sports scores and stat's....all the major sports, would be cool Smiley

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