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    The video fails to mention that this is "available exclusively on new PCs."

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    I think that's the basic idea... Right?

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    I don't know how much of an impact this will have.  Everyone I know has taken advantage of the Office Student and Home Edition with its 3 PC licensing.  But its nice to know you are getting away from trial versions on new computers.  There is no doubt that ditching Works in favor of Office is a win-win situation for all.


    Looking down the road though, I have to wonder if those who would be interested in sticking with Starter edition wouldn't be better served by introducing them to Office Live Web Apps.  What are the core functional differences between the Office Starter Edition and Office Live Web Apps?

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    And what is to replace the Works database which was simplified than Access? Where is the stripped down Access and where is the stripped down PowerPoint? There's Windows Journal for OneNote-like functionality and Windows Live Mail which is Outlook light. What will happen to the Works database?

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    So to use Office Live Web Apps the person would need a net connection...not everyone that buys a PC has that...I know hard to believe but sadly it is true.

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    Honestly, I like the idea of Microsoft shipping a version of Office with new PCs instead of Works, but really, I think they kind of screwed up the idea.  If this product is going to replace Works, first, it should be available as a free download to anyone... not just something that is limited to the purchase of a new PC.  Second, there shouldn't be any advertising in the applications... especially if they are of reduced functionality.  Third, there should be a Mac version as well.  If Microsoft gives both Windows and Mac users a taste of Word and Excel for free, it'd satisfy the users that would probably keep using Works or just borrow a copy of Office from a friend, they'd get the word of mouth advertising from others saying that they wrote a document in Microsoft Word, and it'd wet the appetite of users who will probably end up springing for a copy of Microsoft Office to unlock more features and get more functionality.

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    I have mixed feelings, but for most who usually have no clue what to buy, I think it is a great starting point.


    I have issues with the mention of "reduced functionality", because it reminds me of when Vista would enter reduced functionality mode when the thirty days passed, making your computer basically useless. 


    Regarding the ads, there are apps for my iPhone which were extremely useful, and I eventually deleted because the developers released updates just to put ads in them.  It made me so angry.


    It would be nice if this Office package was available to everyone.  There are many times when people just want to do "their resume" (as you put it) and if this was a free download it would give Microsoft some good karma Smiley


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    lol, I think MS Office 2009 is enough for me but MS office 2010 is not bad choice for who start to use Office .

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    What are you talking about?  (Not trying to sound mean, I legitimately want to know what you're talking about.)  Do you mean Office 2007, or do you think there is a 2009 version of Office?  Why would Office 2010 not be a bad choice for starters... wouldn't a free version of Office 2007 be just the same?

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    Paul Goodacre

    I have just bought a new Dell compter loaded with MS Office 2010 Starter which I am very pleased with, I am not new to Office as I have been using it for some years. I think Office 2010 Starter is a great product. Well done Microsoft Office 2010 Starter knocks MS Works into a cocked hat.


    Paul UK:D

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